Major accusations poured in from a woman, implicated in a 1989 sex scandal with Gary Gart, a then US presidential candidate. She blasted the magazine, historically viewed as a fashion one, for promoting warped sexual techniques and experiments, despite the edition editing its original article. Campaigners for internet safety have again condemned Teen Vogue for, this time, republishing an article on how to have anal sex, branding the piece “inappropriate and irresponsible” and calling for launching a petition. “Parents trust us to let their kids read those magazines”, long-standing CEO of the social group Enough is Enough Donna Rice Hughes told The Daily Caller News Foundation by phone on November 30. “Parents would be furious if they knew what their kids were reading”, she claimed. Hugh’s group first came up with rebukes against Teen Vogue in 2017, after the edition published the original version of the anal sex article. In the wake of the criticism directed at it, Vogue did not take it down, but chose to revise it a bit, changing the title into: “Anal Sex: What You Need to Know”, which Enough is Enough members were still unhappy about. “It’s important that we talk about all kinds of sex because not everyone is having, or wants to have, ‘penis in the vagina’ sex”, reads Teen Vogue’s updated article. “This is anal 101, for teens, beginners, and all inquisitive folk”, the article, written by an author named Gigi Engle, continues. Her Twitter user pic, meanwhile, features her lying invitingly on a bed in a saucy dress, with a large vibrator placed on her lap. Hughes continued to comment on the issue, saying that Teen Vogue, which refers to women as “vagina owners”, should not be “a source of sexual experimentation”, as it has long had an iconic status as a “wholesome brand on fashion and trends” and should stick to it. Hughes claimed that the article “panders to the pornography industry’s exploitive and commercial aim” by promoting perverted sexual techniques. Hughes, who started her Enough is Enough foundation back in 1994, first came into the spotlight 5 years earlier, after she had an alleged affair with the then presidential candidate Gary Hart. She was seen covertly leaving the house of the married senator and later a joint picture emerge of the smiling duo during a boat cruise, with Donna Rice, as she was known at the time, sitting in Hart’s lap. The alleged affair is largely considered to be an equivalent to the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal of the time.